Friday, 4 January 2013

GD Dating Kiko Mizuhara (Resurface) Rumor (My *POSITIVE* Perspective)

So it started of with G Dragon instagramming a pic, of the beautiful skyline of Phuket, Thailand around Christmas time. When I saw this pic I thought it was nothing, but at the back of my mind I was kinda thinking what is he doing in Thailand at Christmas wouldn't u be with ur loved ones etc . Basically I thought the pic looked cool and didn't really think, much about.

Then I trolled along to the allkpop forums because that just one big ball of kpop gossip! You can actually find stories that allkpop haven't even posted, which is where I discovered a fan account of a person who said they saw Kiko (who if u haven't already stalked the hell out of, is a half Japanese Half American model) and the pic of 3 people sitting at the place where GD took his photo, which pretty much looked like him, IT IS HIM  as it sported his latest & ever-changing hair colour & a girl (Kiko) plus some random dude who I have nooooo idea who he is , but some netizens saesang fans found out who this mystery dude is & its probably is him as he tweeted a pic confirming he was in Thaliand . But there were fan accounts and blurry pic of Kiko at the airport to Thailand , basically she was in Thailand at the time. So its kinda confirming that NO this pics aren't Photoshopped & after many speculation them even following each other on Twitter (Which kinda confirmed it for me) THEY ARE PROBABLY DATING AS WE SPEAK. G DRAGON HAS A PENIS & PROBABLY WANTS TO USE IT!!!

I already kinda knew they were dating there was TOOOOOOOO MUCH evidence, some say its Photoshop, I call it proof! The couple rings that can been seen in the photo below! Plus the both of them coincidentally wearing the same vest (which is a cute vest btw!!) . It was like GD was giving us little hints 1. being his instagram name *@xxxibgdrgn" & her's "@kikoxxx" , COME ON IT WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR FACES !But I kinda think the song That xx is about them hmmmmm!!
 Even in the GD&TOP album the intro song gave a hint the verse "nae kineun jakjiman nae yeojaneun kiko" <<< KIKO PEOPLE, this lyric is a pun, as it means "My height is small, but my girl is tall "*it rhymed* plus Kiko means tall so its like pun of her modeling & to the scandal .Its like a foreboding message ppl. I cant lie I'm a forever GD & CL shipper but sometimes I feel like shes dating or dated Yanggeng the 2NE1 stylist .
proof of Kiko being harassed by V.I.P'S

Anyway I wasn't surprised when more evidence popped up, but I just have to say that I'm just happy that GD sexuality is kinda confirmed  But dude confuses me, sometimes I think hes gay/bi (not that its a bad thing) wearing a skirt, feminine qualities  having a bed sheet with TWO naked ppl (a girl & a boy*ep of BIG BANG tv*) so I was like "YEAH GD IS GETTING SOME" at first I was like another kpop artist off the market *crawls into a hole A BIG ONE* as I've been a fan of GD for about 3/4 years(I  still haven't found some time to invest some money on his album but I will!! ) , the delusional obsessed fangirl in me doesn't want GD, to even go near a woman , but the real me remembers that this will happen whether I like it or not & I'm happy cause as a true fan , when your biased is internally happy you should be happy for them! 
He will forever be my ultimate biased, as I respect him as a true artist, I love the fact that GD/BIGBANG write almost all of there songs, I respect artist like that. Plus seeing BIGBANG live *if u haven't yet seen my review please read it ;)* was the pinnacle of 2012 for me MINDBLOWING!
  I also lovvveeeeee ~ his fashion sense I dunno why but I get it & 99.9999999% of the time it works for me !

BUT I SOOOOOO HAPPY FOR HIM , he deserves to be happy. Plus nigger has taste. Kiko seems like a genuinely nice person, she doesn't look like she would have a bitchy side to her. She verrrrrryyyyyyyyy pretty, I cant help but re-blogging some of her pic, as she looks stunning! I just feel sorry for her as she has & will get more abuse from those delusional V.I.P, who will sadly send her some death threats & just plain rude messages harassing her but I feel like she doesn't feel fazed by any of it all! I think some V.I.Ps need to realize that there actually isn't anything you can do & GD is probably even lucky to have her Plus your more a less hurting yourself as usually when ur biased is happy u will be happy & vice verse .I think they will look good together, I hope they will be happy together & that there career don't come in between them! 
GIKO FIGHTING !!!!!!!!! I as a true fan support them & u should too~
My only final question is I wonder who is taller teehee~???




  2. Now GD uses his fame? familaiar with NELLY song HOT IN HERE? "" WHAT GOOD IS ALL FAME IF U AIN T @#&?!@ A MODEL"""" LOLOL

  3. Kiko is 5' 5''